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DOI: https://doi.org/10.33961/jecst.2021.01004    [Epub ahead of print]
Published online December 17, 2021.
Spherical Silicon/CNT/Carbon Composite Wrapped with Graphene as an Anode Material for Lithium-Ion Batteries
Min-Seon Shin1, Cheon-Kyu Choi1, Min-Sik Park2, Sung-Man Lee1
1Department of Materials Science and Engineering, Kangwon National University, Chuncheon, Gangwon-Do, 24341, Republic of Korea
2Department of Advanced Materials Engineering for Information and Electronics, Integrated Education Institute for Frontier Science & Technology (BK21 Four), Kyung Hee University, 1732 Deogyeong-daero, Giheung-gu, Yongin 17104, Republic of Korea
Correspondence:  Min-Sik Park,
Email: mspark@khu.ac.kr
Sung-Man Lee,
Email: smlee@kangwon.ac.kr
Received: 12 October 2021   • Accepted: 19 October 2021
The assembly of the micron-sized Si/CNT/carbon composite wrapped with graphene (SCG composite) is designed and synthesized via a spray drying process. The spherical SCG composite exhibits a high discharge capacity of 1789 mAh g-1 with an initial coulombic efficiency of 84 %. Moreover, the porous architecture of SCG composite is beneficial for enhancing cycling stability and rate capability. In practice, a blended electrode consisting of spherical SCG composite and natural graphite with a reversible capacity of ~500 mAh g-1, shows a stable cycle performance with high cycling efficiencies (> 99.5%) during 100 cycles. These superior electrochemical performance are mainly attributed to the robust design and structural stability of the SCG composite during charge and discharge process. It appears that despite the fracture of micro-sized Si particles during repeated cycling, the electrical contact of Si particles can be maintained within the SCG composite by suppressing the direct contact of Si particles with electrolytes.
Key Words: Graphite, Silicon, Composite, Anode, Lithium Ion Batteries


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